Friday, March 24, 2006

TV Guide raves about Battlestar

TV Guide critic Matt Roush answered a fan question today about "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2" (was it all a dream? short answer, no), but in browsing past columns, I came across his rave review of the finale, which I hadn't seen before.

First off, that audacious Galactica finale, with President Roslyn conceding the election after dabbling in fraud, only to be replaced by a debauched fraud in Baltar. A terrific, if controversial, twist in jumping forward a year, with our human heroes settling on the none-too-plush New Caprica, having been lulled into false security (at least the Baltar contingent) by the Cylon retreat. I imagine next season we'll get a number of flashbacks to fill in the gaps in the Cylon and human worlds, the better to explain how the humans got in such a fine mess that they're now nearly defenseless from the new Cylon occupation of a planet that now looks like a gulag.

Next season it's going to feel like a brand-new Galactica, a daring reinvention (not unlike reviving and improving the original show's premise) that promises only to deepen and darken the best adult sci-fi drama of my lifetime.
For more great discussion of the finale, see his response to another fan letter about the time-jump.

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