Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Cylons' Secret, BSG novel description

With not a whole lot of news appearing, I found this description of the forthcoming BSG novel, The Cylon's Secret, by Craig Shaw Gardner to be interesting. It seems it will focus on the early days of the Cylon war and thus, presumably will not feature Helo.

Sometimes no news is bad news.

It’s been twenty years since the end of the Cylon war. The twelve human colony worlds are rebuilding, and the Cylons . . . the Cylons have been just too quiet. They are nowhere to be found. The robotic race that tried to obliterate their creators has gone to parts unknown in deep space.

The aftermath of the war has created a new, illegal profession: scavenger. Tom Zarek is one, scouring the outer settlements for valuable Cylon technologies and artifacts and usually returning empty-handed. But now, he and the crew of the Cruiser Lightning have found the Omega Station, a scientific station shrouded in secrecy beyond the edge of charted space. This is it, the big score, except something is wrong…the base is still occupied, not by humans alone; by Cylons too!

The Battlestar Galactica, one of the oldest warships in the fleet, receives the Lightning's distress call, a cryptic one-word message: "Cylons." William Adama, newly promoted to second-in-command, is worried. Most of his crew are green, new recruits, not prepared for anything but the most routine missions. And, as Adama soon discovers, this mission is anything but routine. Omega is indeed full of Cylons, but also something much more disturbing . . .

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  1. To the anonymous poster who finds this post about the novel to be "another way to get money." I'm sorry you feel that way. I thought people would be interested in reading what the novel was about as I was and as I hadn't yet seen a description of it.

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    I'm sorry this upsets at least one of you, but at present I am not prepared to get rid of them as I think their usefulness outstrips their annoyance.

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