Friday, April 07, 2006

Vote for Galactica in the Spaceys!

BSG is nominated in several categories for the Spaceys, awarded each year by the Space Channel (Canadian channel that shows BSG). Some of the awards are determined by viewer's choice online votes.

BSG won last year for "Favourite Limited TV Show".

In a sea of boring television award shows, the SPACEYS is the only one that avoids podiums and red carpets. Instead, we take the show around the globe to stalk find the winners, wherever they happen to be, and present them with our much coveted silver statuette!

Want to have your say? Viewers can get involved by voting online in seven Viewer’s Choice categories from March 23 to May 8
This year BSG is nominated for:
- Favourite TV Show
- Favourite TV Ensemble Cast
Vote here!

Winners receive a cute silver alien head statue and accept the award via video. You can see part of the comedic BSG winning segment in the highlights section.

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