Monday, May 15, 2006

First photos and quotes from Stanley’s Girlfriend

The Cannes festival webpage for Stanley's Girlfriend has added stills from the film and an assortment of memorable quotes (along with the cast list and plot description).

Two of the pics feature Tahmoh as Leo:

Tahmoh with Tygh Runyan as Stanley.

Tahmoh with Amelia Cooke as Nina.

The quotes are somewhat spoilery for the plot (I've left off the most spoilery):
"I have to hand it to anyone who can make a psycho killer out of Bobby Driscoll."

"Do you know that at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project, there was a small group of scientists who argued that setting off the atomic bomb might start a chain reaction that would destroy the earth?"

"It was a French film by a guy I'd never heard of, Jean Vigo."

"This obsession with length is killing creativity in American movies."

"But I never sleep, Stanley, you know that, I just take little cat naps."

"I didn't care that Stanley was my best friend. I didn't care that it was his apartment, his bed, his girlfriend. I just wanted to f*** her more than I'd wanted anything in my life."

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