Saturday, June 10, 2006

Show your support for Helo -- Vote!

Voting has commenced for the Second Annual Golden Toaster Awards, fan awards that have won the support of Ron Moore. Helo and/or Tahmoh is nominated in 4 categories and he needs your support!

Sexiest Male Character (page 1)
Best Supporting Actor (page 3)
Best Relationship (page 3)
Best Hero (page 4)
Vote now!

I've provided the page numbers so that you can just vote for Helo if you're uninterested in the other categories.

Though the awards feature a tremendous overabundance of voting options involving Cally and some bizarre voting choices and award names, apparently the cast and crew enjoy the awards. Ron Moore and his wife will even present several of the categories, so show your support for Helo and vote!

1 comment:

  1. Tyrol & Cally are nominated in the BEST RELATIONSHIP category?!?!? Their relationship should have been in THE TOSSER category. The description for that category is "The most obvious plot device or BIGGEST BLUNDER FROM SEASON 2".