Friday, July 21, 2006

Battlestar ranks highly with critics in TV Week poll

Battlestar Galactica ranked eleventh in a poll of fifty-three TV critics conducted by TV Week, which ranked critics' favorite and least favorite TV series (see the full list of critics involved here).

Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica" was another gainer, leaping from 23rd a year ago to 11th place. "Finally, a series that not only takes the shame out of being a sci-fi nut, but tackles profound political and social issues," Ms. McFarland (of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer) wrote.
By January '06, Battlestar had risen to 18th in the poll. But the show lept forward another 7 places to 11th this July--an impressive achievement, especially as the season finale was in March.

Read more about the poll.

It's a nice rebuke to the Emmy's which didn't even rank Galactica among the top 10 drama series. (The TV Week poll ranks drama and comedy shows together).


  1. I'm so happy for them but still a little sad that the show doesn't get the recognition it so deserves, at the Emmys that is.

  2. Yes, I am glad to see that the show is becoming more popular (although it was nice to be a part of the special club that was clued in from the start). I think that the Emmy folks just don't know how to address science fiction. In their little minds it is phasers and transporters and aliens with head ridges and it is only watched by chubby geeks who live in a basements. No one wants to admit that some sci fi shows can have compelling story lines and good acting. That, would make the folks on the Emmy selection committees seem like nerds and no one wants to seem "uncool". So they will continue to add categories for stuff like "Survivor" and "Big Brother" while quality shows are ignored. I have lived in LA too has made me jaded and bitter...:-)

  3. I can't for the life of me understand why Lost is even on this list. It is a completely retarded show. They are only interested in playing the viewers like a fiddle. Battlestar is not only well-crafted, but it respects the viewers intelligence and is much more honest in this respect.

    Grey's anatomy? Soap opera.

    24? Getting pretty tired.

    House? Booorrrring.

    Sigh. This list is depressing.