Saturday, July 29, 2006

Grace Park discusses working with Tahmoh, Season 3

In a spoilery interview in the British genre magazine SFX, Grace Park talks about Sharon's future on Galactica in the third season and her experiences working on the show. The article contains significant spoilers for S3!

She had this to say about working with Tahmoh:

Though Park praises Battlestar's entire cast - calling them "a damn good troupe" - she gives special credit to... Tahmoh Penikett. "It's really rewarding working with Tahmoh, because he's always growing and changing as an artist. And if I'm stuck he definitely puts his two cents in and either laughs at me or gives me some good advice... "
The interview is from the September issue of SFX. Anyone have scans?

Read a brief recap over at the Sci-fi boards.

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