Wednesday, August 02, 2006

BSG Season 3 episode titles, writers and directors

Thanks to Galactica staff writer, Bradley Thompson, the basic title, writer and director information is available for the first 15 episodes of Season 3.

In summary, the season premiere will be two hours which will be followed by 9 more episodes and then a break. After the break, 9 more episodes will follow. Executive producer and writer, Ron Moore, outlined as much in his blog.

The Merovingian in consultation with Thompson has created a detailed S3 overview.

The most exciting news therein contained probably being that: "Unfinished Business - Episode 8 - written by **Michael Taylor**, Dir by Robert Young--->Michael Taylor is the former Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writer who's joining the staff this year, who wrote DS9 episodes "The Visitor" and "In the Pale Moonlight", widely held to be DS9's best episodes." As a huge fan of both those episodes, I can't wait to see his work on Galactica.

Here are the S3 episode titles known thus far:

3.1 - Occupation/Precipice (2 hours)
3.2 - Exodus, Part 1
3.3 - Exodus, Part 2
3.4 - Collaborators
3.5 - Torn
3.6 - A Measure of Salvation
3.7 - Hero
3.8 - Unfinished Business
3.9 - The Passage
3.10 - The Eye of Jupiter

**one month break**

3.11 - Rapture
3.12 - Taking a Break
+ 7 more
They're currently filming episodes 11-12. Read all the details here.

ETA: Another episode title and clarify the post.


  1. Wouldn't that make only 19 episodes, if you count the season opener as 2? 11 in the first half, plus 8 in the second = 19?

  2. Ahh... in re-reading the blog, I think you meant to say there were 9 episodes after the break, the first of which is 3.11

    There are 8 more AFTER 3.11

  3. Yes. You're right. I was compressing info from two different sources and the way I stated it ended up being misleading. Thanks.