Saturday, August 05, 2006

New BSG Season 3 cast promotional photo

A new promotional photo for Galactica's third season has just been released and for the first time Tahmoh's been included!

To see the image full size, go here (3.13 mb). Or to see just the full size of the right side of the image, click the image below.


  1. Do you know anything about whether or not tahmoh will be at the bsg convention in burbank on sun aug 27 for sure? because all the scheduling is 'tentative' and being that you seem so 'connected'

    my email's
    thanks :)

    anyhow, keep up site; it's fantastic!

  2. Thanks!

    I don't know for certain whether or not he'll be able to attend, but what he's always said in the past is that he makes every effort to honor his commitments. Especially as it's the official convention, I think the chances are very good he'll be there, unless he has an important work or personal conflict arise. But again, I can't know for certain.