Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tahmoh in Lesser Evil (2006)

In Lesser Evil, Tahmoh played "Greg," the unsupportive boyfriend to Allison Eastwood's "Karen," successful fashion designer and victim of violent crime.

Though Eastwood is the central character in Lesser Evil, Tahmoh appears only in a couple scenes as "Greg" breaks up with "Karen" after she is raped.

Lesser Evil will air again on Lifetime on Wednesday, August 30th at 7pm ET.

ETA: Added 4 screen caps. Will post more soon.


  1. Tahmoh is a cutie but I think I prefer him with the Battlestar Galactica haircut - short and cropped. Oh maybe I'm not used to his longer hair? =)


  2. Hehe. I actually prefer the shorter hair as well, but my guess is that the change may have been mandated by Battlestar to signal the one year time jump.

    We should be getting some new photos of Tahmoh from Timeless Destinations soon, so we'll get to see if his hair has been trimmed at all recently.