Sunday, September 17, 2006

Official BSG Convention Recap and Photos

For a tremendous recap of Tahmoh's panel at the Official Battlestar Galactica Convention in August, go read Bijoux's 2006 BSG Con Report.

Roadrunnerdm took some equally tremendous photos of the panel, so here are some highlights of both:

  • The most physically difficult scene he shot was in "33". He was really amped to bring off the idea that Helo was injured, dying of radiation poisoning, being hunted by two Cylon Centurions, and he'd probably been running around for weeks without food. At that point, Tahmoh hadn't worked long enough with Michael Rymer to realize that he was one of those directors who liked to spend a whole day shooting one scene. So Tahmoh would be doing windsprints up a hill so when the Cylons were chasing him, he'd actually be exhausted. But of course, Rymer being Rymer, he had Tahmoh do those running scenes several times and by the end Tahmoh was dead tired. Tahmoh also mentioned that he got hit in the head by a pot during the scene where the Cylons bust into the restaurant when he's making toast.

  • He said that if he wasn't acting, and he was stupid enough and wanted to make money, he'd be a muay thai fighter. Though right now he's in no shape to be fighting because of all the cheese and wine James [Callis] buys him.

  • He said that when they shot that scene where Helo and Tyrol bust into the brig to stop the Pegasus people from raping Sharon, there was actually a lot more stuff shot that didn't make it on screen. While shooting the scene, Tahmoh and Aaron had to wait outside in the hall and all they could hear was Grace whimpering and trying to defend herself, and it didn't take much for them to get revved up to run down the hall and beat the crap out of the other guys. The stunt actor that they had him tackling was a professional wrestler, ex-muay thai champion, and NMA fighter. "This guy is built like a brick shithouse - excuse me." The actor wanted Tahmoh to him him as hard as he could, so take after take Tahmoh would try his hardest to take the guy down, and each time the actor said Tahmoh could hit him way harder if he wanted.
Read the rest of Bijoux's report. (She also recaps the other stars' panels).

See Roadrunnerdm's whole Tahmoh gallery. (She also has galleries for the other BSG stars).

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