Monday, September 04, 2006

Trapped Ashes to premiere at Toronto Film Festival

Tahmoh's horror film, Trapped Ashes, will have its world premiere as part of "Midnight Madness" during the Toronto International Film Festival this month. (Tahmoh's segment of the film, "Stanley's Girlfriend," premiered earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival).

Tuesday, September 12 11:59 PM RYERSON
Thursday, September 14 12:15 PM PARAMOUNT 4

Six strangers (including cult actor John Saxon!) are invited to tour the legendary back lot of Ultra Studios, one of Hollywood's most venerated movie companies. Before long, the party, along with their eccentric guide (beloved character actor Henry Gibson), find themselves trapped on the set of the infamous House of Horrors, used for the notorious sixties thriller Hysteria. A sinister force will only allow them to live if they recount their most terrifying stories, just like the characters in the movie…

Comprised of five vignettes by five unique filmmakers with their own twisted, perverse visions, Trapped Ashes follows the tradition of classic anthology horror films like Tales from the Crypt and Kwaidan, weaving yarns of the surreal, erotic and terrifying.

In "Stanley's Girlfriend," Monte Hellman spins a tale of two ambitious filmmakers in fifties Hollywood who become unlikely friends, until a mysterious beatnik beauty begins to date one of them - to gruesome effect.

The narrative thread tying them all together - the quandary of the captive storytellers - is directed by Joe Dante.

Trapped Ashes lays out tales of infidelity, sexual obsession, spiritual anguish, necromantic sex, dead souls, warped pregnancies and rotting nitrate film. Featuring an ethereal score by acclaimed Japanese composer Kenji Kawai (The Ring, Dark Water), Trapped Ashes unites these masters of the genre for a joyride of ghoulish delights.
To find out more, visit the Toronto Film Festival site or search this blog for "Trapped Ashes".

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