Thursday, October 26, 2006

"In Galactica, It’s Politics as Usual. Or Is It?"

The admittedly initially skeptical New York Times critic Virgina Heffernan today wrote a new positive review of the show, praising its complexity and transcendence of allegory:

"That’s what makes “Battlestar,” week after week, riveting. The truth is, allegories don’t really exist. Characters who initially seem to “stand for” figures in myth or current events eventually take on their own dimensions and — with any luck — subvert the symbolic system that was supposed to confine them.

That has happened in extraordinary ways with “Battlestar Galactica”; the exchange between Gaius and Laura is only the most remarkable recent example. The other characters — the morally bewildered leaders, lovers and warriors — have also outgrown their simple roles as Terrorist or Hawk or Diplomat, and their every action now has its own strange, engrossing logic.
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