Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Michael Trucco on filming "The Farm " with Tahmoh

In the Starburst #77 Galactica Special, Michael Trucco talks about working with Tahmoh:

In the next episode, The Farm, Starbuck is injured during a fight with with a group of Cylon Centurions and wakes up in a hospital on Caprica. It is, in fact, a Cylon facility where they are conducting experiments on Human females. Luckily for Starbuck, she manages to get away, with a little help. "Tahmoh and I will never forget the day we had to run across a field and pick up Katee, who as Starbuck had just escaped from the Cylon hospital," notes Trucco.

"The episode's director, Rod Hardy, must have shot that at least eight times if not more, and it wasn't one of these scenes where you grab someone, run out of frame with them, and the director yells, 'Cut!' OK, let's do it again.' Rod had a camera way up on a hill taking in the whole thing, and Tahmoh and I had to pick up Katee and drag her across what was equal to the length of a football field. Katee was supposed to be unconscious, which meant that she couldn't help us out at all. you can't show onscreen how tired you are, but Tahmoh and I were sucking some serious wind there for a few takes," chuckles the actor.

"Rod would say, 'Action,' and Tahmoh and I would run into frame, fall to our knees, fire our guns a few times, then pop up, grab Katee and run like hell. You could see after each take that we were getting slower. However, because of the way Rod was filming things, we had to be 'on' all the time. That's when I realized there's no such thing as 'cheating' on Galactica. If you're going to be an action hero, you can't stand there bent over with your hands on your knees saying, 'I'll be with you in a minute. I just need to rest."
Thanks to Michelle from Aaron Douglas Fans for passing the anecdote along.

Scans of Tahmoh's interview in the special are here.

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