Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bear McCreary on the "Helo Theme"

BSG composer Bear McCreary recently blogged about the music from "A Measure of Salvation" and in particular the return of the "Helo Theme."

This simple chordal pattern was written for 33, and was designed to express Helo's dread and fear as he was pursued and captured by the Cylons. It was performed with strings, synths and a dark choral, vocal texture and is comprised entirely of shifting minor chords, ending with a major chord.

After making several appearances throughout the first season, it vanished from the show once Helo returned safely to Galactica. It makes its first return this week in A Measure of Salvation.

Helo's objection to the issue of genocide provides the moral tension to the story. This time, rather than suggesting that Helo is in peril, the theme adds a darkness and menace to his character, underlying the possibility that he will take matters into his own hands to defend what he believes is right.
To see the notes making up the theme and more facts about it, go here.

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