Monday, December 11, 2006

BSG Roundtable recap

The roundtable podcast with Ron Moore, Jamie Bamber, James Callis and Tahmoh is excellent. When you have a chance, be sure listen to the whole thing. But if you're mainly interested in what Tahmoh has to say, here are the key timestamps:

0 minutes in
Ron questions Tahmoh.

41 minutes in
Of all the characters, Helo loves the military service the most, according to Moore. Tahmoh briefly considered being a police officer as a child.

67 minutes in
Interacting with directors and Rymer... Apparently there was one really bad director for the first 4 eps of S3. If he could play any other character, Tahmoh would play the Chief.

88 minutes in
How Tahmoh would like to see BSG end.

113 minutes in
How the show has made Tahmoh grow as an actor. In the miniseries, Helo sucking on the lollipop was Tahmoh's idea.

123 minutes in
Ron compliments Tahmoh.

148 minutes in
What Tahmoh would like to do as Helo... share a scene with Baltar or Tricia (Jamie Bamber ribs him that Helo kissed Six in "33" and so he's already shared a scene).
Just before the end, Tahmoh excuses himself as he's going to go snowboarding in 5.5 hours.

You can download the three-hour podcast here.

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  1. OMG!!! I'm so glad I found this website 'cuz Helo is the absolute hottest guy on Battlestar. I loved that scene where he sucked on the lollipop!!! He's by far my favorite character on BSG. Thanks for a great site!

    Mel Rod