Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cold Squad does well in US syndication

According to the Vancouver Sun, the Canadian series, Cold Squad, on which the US series Cold Case is based, is doing well in its run in the US syndication market. Tahmoh joined the cast in the show's seventh season as Corporal Ray Chase.

Canadian shows reaching millions of viewers worldwide in syndication

"Cold Squad" and "Stone Undercover:" Airing together as Thunderbird Film's so-called Crime Watch package, the two shows pull in almost four million viewers a week.
Click on the "Cold Squad" tag below this post to find out more about the series and see photos of Tahmoh as Corporal Chase.

Program Partners has sold the show to the top 50 US markets as late night programming. To find when it's airing near you, you'll have to check your local affiliate's schedule. Here's Program Partner's list of affiliates. In Boston, at least, they haven't yet aired any of the 7th season, but seem to be making their way there (they're on #57, Tahmoh starts in #86--that said they're not being strictly linear in the schedule).

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