Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tahmoh in independent film Taming Tammy

This past May, Tahmoh played Wilson, an arrogant plastic surgeon, in Tracy D. Smith's Taming Tammy. Smith also directed Tahmoh in the 2005 short film, Sandra goes to Whistler, in which he starred as Conrad.

Taming Tammy is "a lively modern day adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” which takes the battle of the sexes to the extreme with ex-champ boxer, Sy “The Bruiser” Balkovich, and feisty sex toy seller, Tammy “The Shrew;” it stars Aleks Paunovic (Sgt. Fischer on Battlestar) as Sy and Sarah Jane Redmond as Tammy.

Aleks Paunovic, Sarah Jane Redmond and Tahmoh Penikett on set

Tahmoh's sister, Stephanie Penikett, also participated in the production. ("Susan Penikett" is also credited, but is likely meant to be "Sarah Penikett," Tahmoh's other sister).

A longer synopsis of the film can be found here.

For more, see also the Province profile of the film and filmmakers, "Taming Tammy on their own terms: These people are having the times of their lives bankrolling and filming."

Thanks to Michelle of Aaron Douglas Fans for the head's up!

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