Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ron & Terry Moore talk about Helo in "Rapture" podcast

At the end of the podcast for episode 312, the midseason cliffhanger, "Rapture," the Moores gush about Helo and Tahmoh's performance.

Here's what they say (at 40:00):

TM: I'm so glad you kept him on the show.

RM: He's one of my favorite players.

TM: He's a delight. He adds a really lovely balance of humanity.

RM: Yeah, he's a very different color than the rest of them. It's really interesting what he adds to the show. I love the fact that we made him and Kara buddies way back. He's the purest friend that she has because the friendship with Lee is complicated by so many other things.

TM: He's the simplest and most pure of all of them.

RM: Yeah.
Download the podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, the podcast for Sunday's Helo-centric Battlestar episode, "The Woman, King" is now available for download... [spoilers, obviously]

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