Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trailer for Taming Tammy (2006)

A short preview for this upcoming adaptation of Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew," in which Tahmoh plays Wilson, an arrogant plastic surgeon has been posted to MySpace. You might recognize one of its stars, Aleks Paunovic, who played Sgt. Fischer (killed on the Algae planet) on Battlestar.

Tahmoh's only in the trailer very briefly, but here's a screencap:

You can see a different, higher res photo of Tahmoh on the set as well as find out more about the movie, in my previous posts about Taming Tammy.

Here's a synopsis of the plot:
A lively modern day adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” which takes the battle of the sexes to the extreme with ex-champ boxer, Sy “The Bruiser” Balkovich, and feisty sex toy seller, Tammy “The Shrew” Taylor.

Tammy has moved back home to take care of her ailing father, Burt, also an ex-boxer. Her brother, Tristan, a strong, quiet, athletic gay man, lives at home and is dating Lucas, a sweet, flamboyant restaurant manager. Burt has resigned himself to his son being gay but he would prefer that his son he be with someone who can take care of him when he’s gone and he thinks Lucas is an unsuccessful deadbeat. Burt also wants Tammy to have her life in order before he passes so he introduces her to Damon, the VP from his company, hoping that they would hit it off and she would be taken care of and happy when he’s gone.

Unfortunately, Damon is in the ‘closet’ and finds himself more attracted to Tristan than Tammy. On top of this, Lucas is determined to prove to Burt that he’s good enough for Tristan so Burt makes an ultimatum: no one can be with Tristan until they find someone to be with Tammy!

This is no small task since Tammy’s shrewish reputation has preceded her at every turn and Damon and Lucas can’t find a single willing match. That’s until Lucas turns to his roommate, ex-champ boxer Sy “The Bruiser” Balkovich who desperately wants a chance to showcase his songwriting at Lucas’ bar. Lucas tells him if he can get Tammy to go out with him, he’ll put him on stage.

Only question is, will the toughest guy in town be tough enough for Tammy?

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