Saturday, February 24, 2007

Article about Tahmoh's upcoming film, The Green Chain

There's an interesting interview in Reel West with the director of the docu-style flick about trees, The Green Chain, in which Tahmoh and Tricia Helfer star.

Tricia's on the cover of the issue and the 5-page article inside details the movie's development from a play to a screenplay. In the film, each character delivers their monologue to camera in one scene, which had to be pretty intense. It also means though, that unfortunately Tahmoh and Tricia don't share any scenes. The article uses the same photo of Tahmoh as "Brett Hall" (above) as the website, but includes 3 new shots of Tricia as "Leila Cole."

Click here to download the article, "Tree Line" (pdf, 1.9mb).

Hopefully, the film will start showing up at festivals soon. The article mentions a possible Earth Day premiere (March 20th).

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