Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tahmoh talks about Trick ’r Treat & the BSG connection

Patrick Lee from Sci-fi Wire recently spoke to Tahmoh about his upcoming role in the Bryan Singer's Trick 'r Treat, which is scheduled for an October 5, 2007 release.

Galactica's Penikett Tricks In Treat

Tahmoh Penikett, who co-stars in the upcoming Halloween-themed horror film Trick 'r Treat, told SCI FI Wire that writer/director Michael Dougherty cast him in part because Dougherty is a big fan of SCI FI Channel's Battlestar Galactica, in which Penikett plays Lt. Karl C. "Helo" Agathon. "Before I went into the audition, my agent told me that the director was a huge fan of the show," Penikett said in an interview earlier this year on the Vancouver, Canada, set of the supernatural thriller movie, which interweaves several narratives on a Halloween night in a small town.

But Penikett wasn't prepared for how big a fan Dougherty, co-writer of Superman Returns, really was. "When I went in, I see this really young-looking guy," he said. "Mike looks like he's in college or something. ... And as soon as I come in, this guy comes up to me, he's like, 'Wow, I'm a huge fan of the show.' [He] introduced himself, and we sat there for, like, five to 10 minutes just talking about the show. I'm like,'OK, are we even going to do this audition?' It was great. It was nice. You could tell he was a genuine fan. So we had a great conversation, and then, of course, I found out that I got the gig, and Mike didn't hesitate once we talked again to say, 'Look, I'm a huge geek. ... I'm a huge [fan] of the show, and I would love to come to the set and check it out.' So we actually had a closed set to the press for [the] last couple of months because of all the leaks that have happened, and I talked to the producers and, of course, Michael Rymer, the key director, and said, 'Would you mind if Mike came in?' ... They're like, 'Fine, no problem.' So we brought him in, gave him the royal tour, showed him everything. It was cool." Battlestar Galactica also shoots in Vancouver, and Penikett lives there.

In Trick 'r Treat, Penikett plays an earthbound young husband. "I play Henry," he said. "I'm the loving husband to Leslie Bibb's character. There's one key scene that we're involved in where I think a lot of the characters are all brought together. That's this big parade scene that's downtown." As for the rest of the stories, Penikett said: "It's really sort of cleverly interwoven, the whole storyline." Trick 'r Treat is in post-production with an eye to an Oct. 5 release.

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