Monday, May 07, 2007

Helo action figure and minibust to appear soon

Thanks to Michelle from Aaron Douglas Fans for the heads up that an interview in ToyFare Magazine (issue #118) recently revealed that a Helo action figure is in the works...

TOYFARE: Tell us a bit about the first series of figures-which characters will be represented, and how will fans be able to get them?

CHUCK TERCEIRA: Jean and his team are working literally around the clock to get this ready for approval and production. We'd love to launch the line at Wizard World Chicago [August 9-12]. Apollo and Red Dress Six are the regular case for the first assortment, with Hot Dog being the short-packed figure. Six in a black dress is the Previews Exclusive, Chief is a DST exclusive, Helo is an Action Figure Xpress exclusive, and Anders is a Suncoast/FYE exclusive.
In addition, the official blog of Action Figure Xpress has announced an upcoming exclusive minibust of Helo for the spring/summer.
We are pleased to continue the series of mini busts by giving you a preview of our upcoming Sharon (Boomer) and Helo Two-Pack, due out 2nd Quarter of 2007 - enjoy!
Read the full announcement.

That said, the website hasn't been updated since December, so maybe the busts are a bust?

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  1. Sweet mother of Artemis! Now that's seriously impressive.