Saturday, June 16, 2007

Emmy Buzz for Battlestar; More All-Access Event links

Industry mag Variety's Award Central has posted their Top 10 Dramatic Moments from this year's TV season and Galactica tops the list.

10 dramatic moments from the 2006-07 TV season
Variety staffers select drop-dead drama scenes

"Crossroads, Part 2" -- March 25

As music plays in their heads, building toward the jarring revelation of who is and isn't human, four of the five missing Cylons are revealed. If you're not a fan, this won't make a lick of sense; if you are, it was a frakkin' great moment.
According to the LA Times' Gold Derby, the episode the show submitted for Emmy consideration is the early third season episode "Collaborators" (episode summary here; pics of Helo in the ep here). Mary McDonnell (a Variety Emmy favorite) spoke with the LA Times about the show and the Emmys.

A few last links from the BSG All-Access event on June 6th.
Helo is totally hot. "What? Helo?! No way. False." [I think he's kidding here!—K.V.]
See more video, photos and interviews from the All-Access event in my previous posts here and here.

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