Friday, June 22, 2007

Need for Speed: Carbon screencaps & clip descriptions

Here are some more caps and descriptions of the short clips from NFS: Carbon you can find here. For even more screencaps of Tahmoh as Darius (including green screen work for the role), see my previous posts.

I'd been sort of ambivalent about the game before, but these clips make me rather intrigued...

Boss Darius (30 sec)
Fast-paced intro to Darius (lots of posing).

Scene 1 (2 min)
Sets up the plot, establishes back story.

7 - Restaurant (1 min)
"Not all races are won on the track..."
Nikki confronts Darius about his using the player.

11 - Reversal (2:30)
"I'm going to have to cash you out..."
Darius confronts the player, while Nikki colludes with him/her.

12 - Darius Phone Call (30 sec)
"I'm going to need a crew that's motivated."

Boss Defeats Darius (23 sec)
Darius driving.

13 - Hero defeats Darius (35 sec)
"Enjoy it while it lasts. There's always someone out there who's a little faster than you are..."

Not surprisingly, the longer segments are the most interesting, but "Boss Darius" is pretty amusing as it involves alot of mugging for the camera.


  1. Your link to the video clips aren't working. :(

  2. The site that was hosting these vids is no longer around. I'll see if Justine has the originals and, if so, we can find another place to host them.

  3. Thanks, I actually noticed this with a lot of Tahmoh stuff on this site and just got up the guts to mention it now. Other than that, it's a lovely site! :)

    also, Under the Covers isn't hosted by Zed anymore; I think the site is down, and I couldn't access the site that supposedly sells downloads either! (Cine-something?) If there's a way to watch it, I'd love to! ;)

  4. We don't really post a lot video ourselves, but instead link to others that have posted it. It's unfortunate that many of those sites are no longer around or removed the videos, but it happens. Please feel free to email us if you have questions about specific content, such as Under the Covers.