Friday, August 03, 2007

Cold Squad, "No Life Like It" (7x01) review & screencaps

Tahmoh joined the critically acclaimed Canadian crime show, Cold Squad, in its seventh and final season.

Thanks to a host of fantastic fans, I've tracked down all ten episodes. I'll be posting screencaps and (non-spoilery) descriptions of the episodes over the next few weeks.

If you'd like to see the episodes, you can find a station near you airing the series or you can email me.

Cold Squad, "No Life Like It"
Season 7 - Episode 1
First Aired: September 4, 2004

In the season premiere, Tahmoh's character is introduced as Constable Ray Chase, a cocky, ambitious young beat cop who's aiming to be a detective. Unfortunately for him, the detectives are having none of it, so his go-getting doesn't get him very far. Matthew Bennett (Doral on BSG), who plays the lead detective Len Harper, is especially hard on him.

Ray's winning personality (and um, cute face), however, work wonders with a key witness he brings in, forcing the detectives to let him in on the case. In the episode, we also learn that Ray apparently went to law school for three years.

The series' director, Gary Harvey, explains the back-story of the season 7 premiere, for those who want to catch up:
"As we hadn't expected a season 7 for Cold Squad we sort of ended the previous season with Ali (Julie Stewart) walking away from the job. We wanted launch into this season being true to where we left off in season 6. We jumped ahead 6 months or so with the new Cold Squad beginning. The squad now consisted of 3 people, Pawlachuk, Harper and a new face Samantha (Sonja Bennett, no relation to Matthew Bennett (Len Harper)). And new offices as too. Ali is out in the world floating around not really knowing what to do with herself. Christine (Joely Collins) continues to feed her tidbits of info about the goings on inside the squad. Ali fights this, on the surface, but of course cannot give it up."

"Then movement in a case arrives that Ali hadn’t been able to close previously. It piques her interest but, true to her new self, has a difficult time admitting it. After much thought she ultimately ends up asking for her job back. Pawlachuk of course places some restrictions on her but we were wanting to get to a place where Ali was returning on her own terms. Her reasons for being a cop clearly defined and her resolve hardened. For the loyal viewer, the season arc seems to come to a logical conclusion by episode 98. This hardened resolve, motive and vulnerability all revealed in Ali as she takes a journey to the darkest places within herself. I put this here, because, in my mind episode 98 (the last Cold Squad episode) begins here."
"This episode also introduces Tahmoh Penikett as Ray Chase, a beat cop looking to fast track his career into detective work. Ray quickly becomes a fixture at the squad."
Here are some more screencaps:

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