Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Green Chain to premiere at Montreal Film Festival

The 31st annual Montréal World Film Festival will host the world premiere of The Green Chain, which looks at the logging industry from multiple perspectives and stars Tahmoh and Tricia Helfer.

It will screen on August 26th at 7:30pm as a part of the festival's Focus On World Cinema program. It will also play on August 27th & 28th.

The film's writer/director, Mark Leiren-Young, was recently interviewed by Sci-fi Talk. The podcast is introduced by Tahmoh. Leiren-Young talks about Tahmoh, his role in the film and even Battlestar; here's a brief excerpt:

"What was interesting was that I went after Tricia (Helfer) and Tahmoh (Penikett) because in large part from where they were from. It wasn't connected to Battlestar. In the case of Tricia, I was so excited that she was in a small town in Alberta. I loved the idea that someone who grew up in a farming community would both get the loggers and the environmentalists. It was so vitally important to me to have people who were willing to look at all sides to this.

In Tahmoh's case, he grew up in the Yukon. You don't get more rural than growing up in the Yukon. He came in and read the piece which is about a firefighter who ran into some hard times. And he had just come from speaking to an old friend of his who was having the same dilemma of his character. He has grown up in this type of industry. And really if Tahmoh wasn't an actor, he could have been one of these guys. If you are growing up in a community like this that is resourced based, your used to jobs being there. But those jobs are vanishing.
Download the podcast.

See more on The Green Chain here.

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