Monday, August 13, 2007

Trapped Ashes festival schedule & DVD news

According to the film's official myspace page, here is the limited theatrical release schedule for Tahmoh's horror film, Trapped Ashes. The film will be available on DVD in wide release in December from Lionsgate.

Here is some recent praise of Tahmoh's part of the film:
"Hellman provides the best (and least explicitly gory) entry, about a hack screenwriter (Tahmoh Penikett, playing a younger John Saxon), who sleeps with the sultry girlfriend (Amelia Cook) of his best friend, a chess-playing, soon-to-be-great director named Stanley (Tygh Runyan). Its sense of anxiety is only increased by Hellman’s avoidance of big shock moments." -- Los Angeles City Beat

"Enjoyed the picture immensely (it is very funny and creepy) ... [Monte Hellman] is just a great director and understands performance like so few. Really impressed." -- George Hickenlooper, Director of Factory Girl and The Man from Elysian Fields

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  1. Wondering if anyone in the NYC metro area would be interested in going to the Sept. 10th screening?