Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Interview with Tahmoh at Galactica.TV

Marcel Damen from Galactica.TV had a chance to interview Tahmoh at the recent Wolf 3 Galactica Convention in London (see photos from the event here).

Marcel asked some great questions about Battlestar--both past episodes and what is to come--and Tahmoh's other projects, including Smallville, The Green Chain and Trick 'r Treat.

Here are some excerpts. Read the full interview here.

Can you tell us about The Green Chain and your character as Brett Hall?

I play a forest fire fighter, who going through rough times trying to support his family, and what have you. He doesn't have that much of an education. I think he was at one time probably the popular athletic guy, maybe the hockey player. The hockey star in high school, what have you, but he never finished his education. Hooked up with a girl, got her pregnant right away, so he's living in the typical small town BC (British Columbia). Living and trying to support his family by being a fire fighter and of course fire fighters up there... The forest fire fighters, they completely depend on whether there's a fire or not. So when there's no fire, there's no work. So he ends up having to work at the Dairy Queen, or what have you, to try to provide for his family. Yeah, that's the character I play in there. Really, it's a neat part. Each of us does these really lengthy monologues. It's probably the longest monologue I ever did.

I was also wondering how your father, a former Yukon Premiere would have felt about a movie like that?

Oh, he absolutely agrees with it. My dad's a left wing man, he's a socialist, he's the leader of the NDP (New Democratic Party), so he's very much... He's always been a conscious environmentalist and he's all about sustainable resources. I was raised in that environment. Of course my mother is First Nation, so I have a huge respect for the environment, Mother Nature and to just use what we need, and respecting the environment and what have you.

Okay. Can you tell us about Trick 'r Treat and your character Henry in that movie?

Yeah, I can't really say that much about it other than my character Henry is the loving husband to Emma, who's played by Leslie Bibb. She's a great actress, really funny, beautiful energy, and a nice spirit. Anyway, Henry is very much into Halloween. He loves it. He loves the tradition of it where as Emma isn't so keen as him. But it was a neat role. We had a loaded cast on that film: Brian Cox, Dylan Baker, Anna Paquin...

Is it working okay for you as a character, for Helo? Is it what you wished?

Yeah, it's good! I just finished some mid-season stuff that I'm really prevalent in. An opportunity to act with some actors who I haven't been able to work with for a while, so that's always fun. That's great, I'm really enjoying that. It's been some strong stuff.
Read the full interview.

Thanks to Marcel for a great interview and for sharing his convention photos!

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