Monday, October 01, 2007

First report and photos from yesterday's con

Tahmoh and Katee Sackhoff appeared together yesterday at the Sacramento Salute to Sci-fi. The first photos and reports are coming in.

encyclops gives a nice summary of what Katee & Tahmoh said while on stage. Here are a few highlights (for the full report, click here):

  • Tahmoh loves snowboarding and heliboarding. Because of this he thought he could just hop on a surfboard and it would be just the same. I think he said he tried it for the first time in Indonesia and wiped out in a big way. He took two days to recover (mostly from the sunburn) and went right back out there.

  • He referred to Michael Hogan as the "Gene Hackman of Canada," someone he'd grown up watching, and says he's pretty intimidating in person.

  • Tahmoh's answer to the question "is there something Helo's done that you would never do?" was pretty unbeatable: "Like shooting my wife?"
Read the full report.

Unfortunately the room seems to have been unfavorable to photography, but you can see a few pics of Katee and Tahmoh onstage thanks to fuzzface_63 over on his flickr page.

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