Thursday, October 04, 2007

High-res photos of Tahmoh at Emmy events

Thanks to the incredible dryope for finding these photos of Tahmoh at three different 2007 Emmy events hosted by BAFTA, Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide.

Click the images below for full-size or visit dryope's post.

The BAFTA Tea Party (white shirt) and Entertainment Weekly pre-Emmy Party (black shirt) were both on Saturday, September 15th. The TV Guide Emmy Party was on Sunday, September 16th (black jacket).

Here are super high resolution versions of two of the BAFTA Tea Party photos (see even higher-res versions at dryope's post):


  1. justine, you're a star for creating this blog, but it drives me nuts, and i promise never to get back here 10 times a day...i promise one day i will stop checking out your blog... ;)

  2. Glad you like the blog! I'd apologize for it driving you nuts, but I don't think it's the blog that's doing it... ;)

    You can keep checking as much as you want as far as I'm concerned.

    Justine ;)

  3. You's not the blog really :) But I'm letting this go for real...I'm 26!!! After you turn 20 no one is allowed to have a crush! I mean come on, what is this!!! I am absolutely amazed by your strenght -I'd go crazy! Wait a min I am here, I am writing a comment...clearly -I am crazy!!! I need to see my therapist...
    Anyways...what kind of a person does this kind of a face hide? Or reveal? Most interviews are sort of formal...very about something deep?!!! Something that reveals the human being behind the character?