Monday, October 15, 2007

Tahmoh to appear in upcoming Robson Arms episode

Tahmoh will be appearing briefly on the Canadian TV series, Robson Arms, in its upcoming third season as... himself. Robson Arms "follows the lives of tenants inside a fictional low-rise in Vancouver's vibrant West End - the most densely populated neighbourhood in Canada." I asked Tahmoh for more details and here's what he said (& a photo of him on set):

I made a small appearance on Robson Arms as, (wait for it)..myself. One of the producers and directors of Cold Squad, Gary Harvey called me up and said that they had a great idea where one of the main characters has a crush on Tahmoh Penikett. On a day when an event she is organizing is going terribly wrong and it looks like it can't get any worse it starts to rain. I appear out of nowhere with an umbrella, apparently to save the day (insert slow motion running shot) then at the last minute ask her assistant if she'd like to share it with me. It took about two hours and was alot of fun. I've worked with both actresses before.
(Note: I'm not sure which character has the crush or who the two actresses in question are... if anyone can tell from the above photo, let me know. ETA: Thanks to Michelle for suggesting that one of the actresses is possibly Melanie Blackwell... ETA2: Thanks to Annie for confirming that the taller actress is Alisen Down with her hair cut short.)

Season 3 of Robson Arms is likely to premiere in February 2008. Tahmoh also pointed out that Battlestar fans will be interested to know that the episode he appears in is centered around Alisen Down's character, Sault Ste. Marie, an unapologetic chain smoker from Toronto who hates Vancouver (photo, below left). Alisen will be familiar to BSG fans as the resistance fighter and friend of Anders, Jean Barolay (photo, below right).

Speaking of Alisen Down, she's participating in an upcoming charity auction to benefit the Kidney Foundation of Canada. She painted a painting (below) that will be up for auction on ebay between Nov.2-12. Here's a photo of her painting and a link for more information:

For more information on Robson Arms, check out these links:

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