Thursday, November 08, 2007

Strike Update: Ron Moore Talks about Strike & BSG

Battlestar writer/producer Ron Moore spoke out about the strike and how it specifically will affect Galactica in an in-depth interview with IGN.

Moore confirmed that production with shut down after the filming of episode 12 wraps (or ep. 10 of Season 4 if you don't count Razor):

Moore told me the episode filming now "happens to be our mid-season cliffhanger, so it's just one of the quirks of the schedule that boom, we will finish our first ten and the network had planned to show just the first ten anyway. The airdate for the back ten was up in the air. Now it's even more up in the air."
Moore also reassured fans that the show will eventually come back:
In the event of a prolonged strike, I asked Moore how difficult it might be to reassemble the cast and crew, who had thought they would be finishing work on the series forever this spring. "We can certainly do it," Moore said, in regards to getting everyone back. "I know that the entire cast and crew and writing staff are eager to finish and it's very, very important to us to finish, so whenever it's resolved, we'll all be ready to go back in and finish the show."
He stressed that the issues the WGA is fighting for also affect actors:
Moore said he'd spoken to the Battlestar Galactica cast about the possibility of a strike "in general terms", adding "The cast was generally very supportive, because they have the same concerns for SAG (Screen Actors Guild)."
Read the full interview.

More strike icons, these from lostonbroadway:

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