Friday, November 16, 2007

Tahmoh’s guest arc on Whistler continues

Huge thanks to rebelliousrose and mamaboolj for sponsoring a Flickr account for the site, just in time for this Saturday's new Whistler episode, "Crossroads" (2x08). You can always find the site's photos at:

Thus far it only has pics from Tahmoh's last two appearances on Whistler, but I'll add galleries as I post. If you haven't already, I highly recommend checking out the photos:
Tahmoh's character, the artist Elias Noth, did not appear in Whistler 2x07 - "Out of Bounds," but he was referenced by Nicole in two scenes. Thanks to mamaboolj for typing up what was said:

Scene #1: Nicole Miller and Jen McKaye in Jen's bar. Nicole's looking at pictures from the wedding she left early only to come home to find Elias waiting at her house.
Nicole: Who ended up with the bouquet?
Jen: Tara's niece. I think she's six.
Nicole: That figures.
Jen: Too bad your tortured artist couldn't make it.
Nicole: Yeah well. That's still new right. And complicated. But what isn't right?
Scene #2:
Nicole watches as workmen place a statue in the hotel lobby. It's the same one she told Elias upon first meeting him that she would "walk right past". While she's contemplating the statue, Ryan, an ex of sorts, comes up behind her.
Ryan: That's beautiful.
Nicole: Elias is letting us showcase it while he's in New York.
Ryan: From what I hear, he doesn't do that sort of thing for just anyone.
(Nicole doesn't respond, but smiles broadly and then acts a little embarrassed.)
Ryan: You look happy.
Nicole: Yeah. I guess I am.
ETA: YouTube has taken down the videos.


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  2. Thanks! But unfortunately none of those options work as I don't have the right filter/password.