Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cold Squad "Voices over Water" (702) screencaps

I've uploaded a batch of screencaps of Tahmoh as Constable Ray Chase from the second episode of Cold Squad's seventh season to the site's Flickr. (See screencaps from the first episode here and previous posts on the series here).

Cold Squad, "Voices Over Water" (#88)
Season 7 - Episode 2
First Aired: September 11, 2004

Ray, ever the eager beat cop, angles to get in on the investigation and discovers some possibly relevant information. Ali indulges his enthusiasm and lets him do some leg work on the case. The research pays off--much to the annoyance of Harper. Meanwhile, Ray continues to flirt with Samantha, who seems interested... At the end of the episode, the team thanks Ray for his help and they all share a drink.

Here's the episode description:
When a camp counselor offers evidence that three children who died in a boating accident at camp thirty years ago were actually murdered, the Squad investigates the claims. Ali initially goes off what Goren Berkland is claiming even though there is only his word to go on, until she discovers that he lives in a mental institution and is only occasionally in touch with reality.
See the rest of the screencaps.

Cold Squad is syndicated in the US. So check your local listings!

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