Monday, December 03, 2007

Reports from the recent BSG Bubank Con

Thanks to mamaboolj, lizardbeth-j, beetlemier and greycoupon for sharing their detailed reports about Tahmoh's appearance at the Official Battlestar Galactica Convention two weeks ago in Burbank, CA. I've excerpted a few sentences of each below, but be sure to check out the full reports!

mamaboolj on Whistler:

"Tahmoh said that the part of Elias had been given to him and that he’d taken the opportunity to write back-story. With three of us being writers of fanfic, we of course asked him what it was. He talked a bit about the drug problems in Vancouver, particularly among the First Nations, and said he drew on experiences of people he knew with drug problems."
Read mamaboolj's full report.

During the con, fans had a chance to have their photo taken with Tahmoh. Thanks to LilFerret for sharing her photo op (at right).

LizardBeth recalls Tahmoh:
"did a wicked EJO impression from when the mini had finished: 'Good hero shot, son, you'll be back." he talked about the much hated line from AMoS, "The cylons tried to live with us on New Caprica", and how he tried to say the line like he didn't believe it and Mary McDonnell then totally pwned him, adlibbing her follow up, "Oh really, Captain" and left him completely flat-footed. He said he wanted to be in the position of his career later to get away with doing that."
Read LizardBeth's full report (& see the only dessert party photo I've seen).

beetlemier asked Tahmoh:
"how he prepared as an actor for the huge changes n his story arcs. Miniseries – supposedly dead, Season 1 revolved around Sharon, and then last season he’s XO. He said that he doesn’t prepare and just rolls with what he’s given. “So, I’m the XO now, OK!” "
Read beetlemier's full report (& see her photos).

greycoupon recalls:
"Someone asked when Helo and Sharon got married. Tahmoh said he had wondered who threw the bachelor party while Grace wanted to know who they invited. He thought Kara organized the party as she does all the parties."
Read greycoupon's full report.

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