Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Galactica Season 3 DVD now available for pre-order

The six-disc Season 3 DVD set will feature the Resistance webisodes, the 20 S3 episodes, Ron Moore's podcast commentaries, David Eick's videoblogs and deleted scenes from all the episodes. The set will hit shelves on March 25th, but is available for pre-order from Amazon now.

The most exciting news is that "Unfinished Business" (aka the boxing episode) will feature an additional 25 minutes of material! Not sure if Helo will feature in any of it, but here's hoping.

PS: If you pre-order or buy the set by clicking the link above or in the Amazon slideshow at left, All about Tahmoh will get 5% of the proceeds at no cost to you. So if you're going to buy it anyway, please consider supporting the site while you do. Thanks!


  1. Thank the gods!!! I cannot wait. Used the link to purchase to kick you back 5%. Thanks for posting all tahmoh news. I am going through serious withdrawal here and have seen all past seasons twice now.

    So I read your ET spread you posted and noticed they are only airing 10 episodes in April 2008. Any feeling if this is going to get extended to the original plan of 20 episodes?

    Thanks again for this great website!

  2. Well, I am happy that they give us such nice goodies, but I already got the third season (UK),without them!!! You see, I have been suffering from a withdraw as well and could not resist!:-) That's not fair! :-( I do not get the money politics of the distributers etc. argghhh!!!Seems I have to sell "my" box, to get the good one!! Well be prepared to get your share justine.

  3. Mmmm... Season 3... Here's another 5% for ya! Keep up all of the fantastic work! :)

  4. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. Glad you like the site! (Sorry for the delay in responding, Blogger didn't notify me of your comments for some reason.)

    As for whether or not we'll get to see the end of Season 4, I really hope so. Sci-fi won't have other shows prepared to replace it and so I like to think they'd let it finish out its run. It'd cause a huge fan and critical outcry if they didn't, but who knows. *fingers crossed*

    Again, thanks so much for supporting the site. It always makes me happy to hear people find the site interesting.