Friday, January 11, 2008

Design a new banner for this site! (Tahmoh to judge)

To celebrate the third anniversary of this site, I'm pleased to announce a new banner design contest. The site has had almost half a million visitors, so you'll get alot of exposure for your art. Plus, Tahmoh will pick the ultimate winner!

To be clear, the banner would be part of the anniversary celebration, but should just be a general header for the site, not a special "anniversary" banner. It would replace the current banner by wav, who won the 2006 contest:
A few requirements... the banner should:

  • Be at least 950 pixels wide and no more than 300 pixels tall.
  • Work with the site's current color scheme.
  • Include the site's name "All about Tahmoh Penikett".
  • Include at least one picture of Tahmoh, from any of his work.
  • Be a reasonable file size to keep dialup fans happy (under 500k).
  • Not be tagged. You'll be credited on the site's front page, please leave tags out of the banner.
Submit your banner(s) via email to I'll reply to confirm receipt of your entry. (Or if you'd prefer not to email, you can comment here with a link to your banner. I'll delete links as they're posted to avoid influencing the voting.)

As this is a contest please don't post your banners anywhere until after the contest is over to avoid influencing the first round of public voting.

Submit early and submit often, as many as you like -- no limit.

The deadline for the contest will be Wednesday, February 27th.

Shortly thereafter, a poll will determine the top 3 or 4 entries, from which Tahmoh will pick the ultimate winner, whose banner will then be enshrined at the top of the page.

I can't wait to see what you guys can come up with!

Photos of Tahmoh can be found at these sites:

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  1. Marvel Studios is gearing up for several major films in the next few years, among them "Thor" and "The Avengers'. Have you considered trying on a blonde wig with a winged helmet and swinging a mystical Uru hammer?

    For Odin! For Asgard!