Monday, March 31, 2008

LA Times article praises Galactica, interviews Tahmoh

The LA Times recently profiled Battlestar in advance of its Season 4 premiere this Friday. Praising the series' relevance, it also spoke with much of the cast, including Tahmoh.

Many of the younger cast members such as Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett, who portrays Karl "Helo" Agathon, seem ready to shed their Galactica flight suits, pack up the industry credibility earned by their work on "Battlestar" and use it in places where they will be seen more.

"The end is in sight, for better or worse," said the London-born Bamber. "Every time I come to Vancouver now there will be a sort of Proustian element and a Pavlovian response. I'll think of my children being very young here, this stage and set, coming to North America, the sights and sounds. It will all be 'Battlestar.' "

Penikett was less sentimental: "There is a lot of television out there, and a lot of it is bad, but still it feels like time to head toward the horizon."
As Galactica writer Mark Verheiden lamented in his blog, the story does contain the requisite condescension to Sci-fi fans, but is nonetheless a good read:
"Looks like the interviews were conducted around the time the WGA strike was happening, so they're four or five months old, but it's all very thoughtful. Sadly, there is one unfortunate reference to science fiction fans playing dress-up (Spock ears? Really? Could you at least update your condescension?), but otherwise it's an excellent piece."
So please take Tahmoh's quote about some fans with a grain of salt. The author of the piece clearly had an agenda and Tahmoh has never been anything but gracious, friendly and respectful in interactions with fans at conventions. There's no denying there is a lunatic fringe to fandom and that's clearly the group that Tahmoh had in mind, not all Sci-fi fans. After all, as the Televisionary recently wrote, Tahmoh is "hands-down one of the nicest guys in the business."


  1. Yes, but... he's right in what he says about some fans. You do get some weirdos. I don't think it's meant to apply to all fans.

  2. I agree, isn't that what I said? In any case, some fans were offended and so I was just trying to clear up any confusion.


  3. And since I have SEEN people chasing him into a public bathroom, I am going to assume those are the people he referenced. ;}