Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tahmoh cast in Joss Whedon’s new TV series, Dollhouse!

TV Guide and The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that Tahmoh was just cast in Joss Whedon's much-anticipated upcoming FOX series "Dollhouse," which received a seven-episode order shortly before the writer's strike.

"Dollhouse" revolves around a group of young men and women, aka "Dolls," who are imprinted with different personalities for different assignments. They have no memories of their previous lives, until Echo (Eliza Dushku) begins to try to find out who she was.

Penikett will play Paul Smith, an FBI field agent obsessed with the urban myth of Dollhouse and a twisted romantic foil for Echo.
Ausiello adds:
Whedon has tapped Galactica stud Tahmoh Penikett (aka Helo) to play Eliza Dushku's "twisted romantic foil" in Dollhouse, a spokesperson for Twentieth Television confirms.

Penikett's character, Paul Smith (originally named Paul Ballard), is described as an FBI agent who becomes obsessed with both the urban myth that is Dollhouse and its most recognizable inhabitant, Echo (Dushku).
Tahmoh mentioned yesterday that he was up for a show... I'm guessing this is it! Huge congratulations!

Updated: EOnline adds this about Tahmoh and his character, Paul Smith:
Yeeee!!!! Just in case you need more reason to get excited about Joss Whedon's return to television with the upcoming FOX drama series Dollhouse, here is some just-leaked casting scoop on who is joining the gang, including a certain Battlestar fan favorite (Helo!). Awe. Some.

Tahmoh Penikett as Paul Smith: 30s, good looks hardened by a cynical distaste for most of humanity. An FBI field agent, he's been chasing the urban myth of the Dollhouse long enough to have lost any shot at promotion. Becomes obsessed with and a twisted romantic foil for Echo (Eliza Dushku).
Also be sure to check out Kristen's interview with Dollhouse creator, Joss Whedon, and Eliza Dushku over at EOnline.

In case there's any confusion, Paul Smith is a "series regular" (main cast, as opposed to recurring). The original casting call (similar to EOnline above) is here.

Updated: The show will be presented to advertisers on May 15. Shooting starts in late April in Los Angeles, according to this report.

Folks over at Whedonesque are thrilled with the casting of Tahmoh, read lots of positive comments here.

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