Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hints and reviews of Dollhouse, now filming

Kristin from E!Online has some scoop about Dollhouse filming in LA. I've included what she had to say about the show with the spoilery speculation blacked out.

Peter in Cardiff, Wales: What's this scoop about a Dollhouse location shoot that you buried in the Lost Redux?
Oh, what? That? You guys don't care about Dollhouse, do you? Hee. Late last week, there was a two-day-long shoot at a Spanish Mission Revival-style duplex in L.A.'s Miracle Mile area—mostly night shots, I believe—and if I had to bet money, I'd say it was serving as [highlight to read speculation/spoilers]:
Paul's (Tahmoh Penikett) apartment, where Echo and Paul have their meet-cute/meet-complicated and their very first fight scene. Awww...
Red Right Hand has gotten a hold of the pilot script and has posted a non-spoilery review:
And there's some thought provoking stuff that's not even part of the plot (at least not yet) and some that is, like the pro-bono works of the "actives." There's a pervasion of the creepy lurking throughout this pilot. Different kinds too. There's a sci-fi creepy in it and there's a stain-on-your-soul kind in there too.

Now here's the awesomest bit. Echo. The girl who is all kinds of different people. She's only just starting to retain memories from "engagement" to "engagement" so every time we meet here, she's basically somebody else, but in the script you really get a sense of continuity between the personas (and to me, some of those engagements are where the truly creepy bits sneak in).
They also include this note about Tahmoh's casting:
And knowing who's been cast already, I can easily see Tahmoh Penikett as Paul, the FBI dude who's maybe on to something.
Fan art is again thanks to crystalsc at Dollhouse_Art.

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