Monday, April 14, 2008

New high-res Helo promo photos for BSG 4.05

Sci-fi has released four new high-resolution promotional photos for the upcoming season 4 episode of Galactica, "The Road Less Traveled" (4.05). Here are the two Helo shots thanks to drewcypher. Enjoy!

The episode will air Friday, May 2 at 10pm.

To see even higher res versions, visit our site's Flickr where you can find all the Season 4 promotional photos to-date in their original sizes (2592 x 3872). Click on a photo and then "all sizes."


  1. Oh, dear. *thunk* Gym rats are not my type irl, but they are soso pretty to look at!

  2. *THUD*
    Best picture ever!

  3. Hey i hope you still get this comment (I discoverd BSG recently).

    I wonder if i am able to get access to the flickr account.

    Thank you very much.

    SARAH (

  4. Sarah,

    The flickr account is viewable publicly by everyone. However, we have to remove older photos from it (such as these from April 2008) to make space for newer ones.