Friday, April 04, 2008

Tahmoh talks about Galactica premiere & Dollhouse spoke to Tahmoh recently about tonight's Battlestar Season 4 premiere and his upcoming role on Dollhouse. Of tonight's episode, he says:

"Fans are in for a treat," he enthuses. "I just watched the final cut of the episode and there were a bunch of times where I was just like, 'Wow. That's incredible.' Lots of mind-blowing things are happening right out of the gate."
The interview has no spoilers for either show, just a lot of enthusiasm.
"I'm excited about this season," Pennikett adds. "I'm included a lot more and I've been able to act more with different members of the cast, which has been amazing."
Read the full interview.

It's a good profile if you can get past their misspelling of both Tahmoh's first and last names (Tomoh Pennikett? Tamoh Pennikett? and yet they spell his dad's name correctly... ah well.).

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