Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tahmoh to miss Comic Con; Dollhouse to film next week

Tahmoh just let me know that he's had to pull out of his appearance at New York Comic Con this weekend due to scheduling conflicts. He said to pass on his apologies to fans as he was really looking forward to it. In happy news, he said filming on the pilot of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse starts next week (which is partly the source of the time conflict).

Tahmoh didn't mention whether or not Grace Park would still be attending as had been previously announced, but Battlestar will definitely be represented at Comic Con, however, as Michael Hogan, Michael Trucco and Rekha Sharma will attend and participate in a panel with Entertainment Weekly's Marc Bernardin.


Last year, Battlestar Galactica took New York by storm for its first ever Comic Con panel. But that was just the beginning. Join fans from around the world as the series critics hail Battlestar as a "fan-frakking-tastic" show on television," (Entertainment Weekly) returns to the Con for its 2nd annual appearance.

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  1. :( for those hoping to see him at NYCC. But :D for them starting to film Dollhouse!