Friday, May 16, 2008

First trailer for Dollhouse: "linchpin of the Jan. season"

The two and a half minute trailer for Dollhouse that aired at the FOX Upfronts today is now up on YouTube. It's a must-see early look at the series, which is reminiscent of the Bourne Identity and Alias.

Update: YouTube link is down. Watch it here or here.

The most exciting news after the trailer is that FOX has decided to air Dollhouse with fewer commercials:
"We're going to have less commercials, less promotional time and less reason for viewers to use the remote," Liguori said. "We're going to have more character, more content, more value."

"Remote-free TV. It's a simple concept and potentially revolutionary," he said. "We're going to redefine the viewing experience."

Both "Fringe" and "Dollhouse" would have network commercial loads of about five minutes per hour, about half the usual. The commercial pods also would be shorter, and they would have about half the promo load as well, all to enhance the viewing experience. Liguori and ad sales chief Jon Nesvig acknowledged that there was a risk but that the network was committed to doing those two shows that way.
FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly spoke about the show's scheduling:
"Dollhouse" will be a "linchpin of the second season," Reilly says, launching around the same time as network perennials such as "24" and "American Idol."
Wired presents their first peek at the series, with a few spoilery hints. They also remark re: Tahmoh:
Whedon tapped Battlestar Galactica stud Tahmoh Penikett to stand in as Echo's twisted love interest and an FBI agent obsessed with the urban myth of a such a "Dollhouse."
Update: Turns out the YouTube trailer above wasn't what was shown at Upfronts. The Upfronts trailer had more Tahmoh, including the scene captured below of Echo (Eliza Dushku) and Paul:

Update: Watch the one-minute clip the above screencaps are from here.

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