Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New York Magazine praises Tahmoh's performance

Tim Grierson lauds Tahmoh's performance in Friday's episode in the Vulture blog of New York Magazine or as he says in his personal blog post:

"In this week's Vulture recap, I sing the praises of Tahmoh Penikett, who plays the quietly heroic Helo. He was all over Friday's episode, and he was terrific in it."
Here's the relevant portion of the praise from New York mag:
"There are flashier, more compelling characters on Battlestar, but deep down, the one we most admire is Helo. Noble, loyal, and levelheaded no matter the latest emotional ringer he’s being put though, he’s a good guy who’d make a great leader, except he doesn’t have the ego for it — which, of course, only makes him more appealing.

His steely calm was put to the test in “The Road Less Traveled,” trapped as he was between the increasingly kooky Starbuck and his concerned Demetrius crewmates who wanted to remove her from command. This season has been pitched a little too high emotionally, so it was a relief to watch Tahmoh Penikett (who plays Helo) deliver another terrifically modulated performance, balancing Starbuck’s nuttiness, the crew’s paranoia, and his own doubts about the wisdom of their wild-goose chase to find Earth. The episode was all about how people manage to maintain their basic decency in impossible situations, so who better to shine than the quietly heroic Helo?"
We also score a higher-res and un-watermarked version of this promo photo:


  1. Very deserved and very cool. Thanks for posting.

  2. New York magazine, hmm? I always knew they had good taste.

  3. Where can I get that gray and brown undershirt? I've searched all BSG merchandise and can't find it. I live in Vancouver and see Tahmoh randomly but never get the chance to ask him!