Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tahmoh cancels appearace at Wrath of Con (Updated)

Tahmoh and Aaron Douglas were both forced to pull out of their scheduled appearances this weekend at the Wrath of Con convention in Panama City, Florida due to Battlestar filming commitments.

Here's a message from Aaron with more details:

I cancelled wrath. I have to work, as does tahmoh. We agreed to wrath before there was a strike & we thought there would be no problem as the show would be done in March. we are in the last days of shooting & they are not officially clearing anyone for anything. I would have loved to go & my apologies to all the fans who were hoping to see me on the weekend.
Update: Tahmoh just asked me to express his apologies as well for having to cancel his appearance this weekend:
"Please give my sincere apologies to all the fans who were expecting to see Aaron and me this weekend. Because of our work schedule right now it's impossible for us to make it."

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  1. While I'm sad for the people who aren't getting a chance to meet Tahmoh and talk with him or listen to his stories, I'm ridiculously happy that he had to bow out because of the shooting schedule. :D