Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trapped Ashes will be available on DVD on July 15 (US)

Lionsgate will release the 5-part horror anthology film, Trapped Ashes, in which Tahmoh stars as Leo in "Stanley's Girlfriend," on DVD on July 15th. You can see a trailer for the film, which includes Tahmoh, over at the Lionsgate site, where you can also pre-order it for $19.98 (Update: Amazon has it for $17.99). The new US cover art (like that of Germany) features Tahmoh prominently:

The DVD will include:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Commentary with Cast and Filmmakers
  • Making of TRAPPED ASHES - 5-Part Featurette
  • Director's Cut of "Stanley's Girlfriend"
All of which will likely mean additional material featuring Tahmoh. The Director's Cut of "Stanley's Girlfriend" (Tahmoh's segment) will likely be the longer version that Monte Hellman shot and showed at Cannes in 2006.

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See the All.about.tahmoh Flickr for hundreds of screencaps.

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