Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dollhouse Comic Con panel with Tahmoh today

Some folks over at Whedonesque are twittering the panel live.

  • "Joss says Tahmoh has the forearms, Joss has the concepts."
  • "Question "Is there someone you have wanted to work with you haven't worked with yet..." (Joss - points to Tahmoh "HIM")"
  • "Now Joss Whedon is mad at me for not exterminating the cylons" -- Tahmoh (when he heard Joss was a fan)"
  • Tahmoh finished BSG 2 weeks ago so no conflicts.
  • Eliza: "Thank you Battlestar Galactica for this serious[ly?] strapping and extraordinary man."
See the thread for more. (Be warned Tahmoh is referred to as "Tamo" and "Tom" throughout...) I'll update with more when it becomes available.

Update: You can also follow via Twitter:
io9 is also liveblogging the panel.

Please send in your photos and/or reports!

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