Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sci Fi Wire & TV Talk interview with Tahmoh (audio)

The TV Talk podcast and Sci Fi Wire both interviewed Tahmoh during Comic Con. The interview lasts about 7 minutes and is well worth listening to. Tahmoh discusses the end of Battlestar in general terms and his ideas about his new character on Dollhouse.

Listen here. [Show #231210]
Download here. [Scroll down, look for download link]
The interview with Tahmoh starts around 5 minutes in and lasts until around minute 12.

Update: Thanks to Michelle from Aaron Douglas Fans, here is just Tahmoh's part of the interview available for download.


  1. I edited the interview to just Tahmoh's part for you :)

  2. Gosh, if he was having such trouble finding Firefly, I think I know a really nice person who would have been willing to loan them to him :P

  3. I love the "lisp" the microphone is causing. It's hilarious.